The declaration regarding the real beneficiary (or regarding the real beneficiaries) represents an obligation of disclosure of the companies that have legal entities in the shareholding structure towards the Romanian State. These companies must submit a declaration to the territorial units of the National Office of the Trade Register, by which the administrator of the company declares the private persons who represent real indirect beneficiaries of the revenues obtained by these companies.

The initial submission deadline was 2 November 2020, as extended in the spring of this year. The current submission deadline, according to an Ordinance that recently appeared in the Official Gazette is 90 days after the expiration of the state of alert period.

State companies, autonomous utilities companies and companies that have private persons as shareholders (provided that they are the only real beneficiaries) are not obliged to submit the declaration regarding the real beneficiaries.

Declarations regarding the real beneficiaries may be documents under private signature or an electronic form and may be sent to the trade register office by electronic means, by electronic signature, or by postal and courier services. The declarations can also be given in front of the representative of the trade register office or they can be submitted, personally or through a representative, having a certain date, given by the notary public or attested by a lawyer.

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