Meet the people behind the scenes

servicii cont consulting

Cont Consulting is a family business established in 1994. Currently, the company has 14 employees and more collaborators, representing a team of dedicated professionals, determined to provide the best services. They all provide us with the capacity to respond to the most special requirements. You can find below some details about the people involved in this business:



Founding partner

  • Economist
  • Chartered accountant

  • Tax advisor

  • Financial auditor



Managing partner

  • Economist
  • Chartered accountant

  • Human resources inspector

  • Legal advisor

Our team of


Cont Consulting

  • Accountants

  • Payroll specialists

  • Human resources specialists

  • Legal specialists


The steps that brought us here

servicii cont consulting


Essential objectives for our activity:

We work with companies from all economic sectors. Our knowledge has been expanded throughout the years, and now we have valid information concerning the essential aspects of all the economic activities.

We have learned from our experience that any business has its own peculiarity, depending on various aspects, such as the business partners, the management style, market specifics, etc.

Our services are individually tailored to each company, as we understand all the representative business segments.

In a continuously changing business environment, we consider that a business needs stability to grow. Stability means expenses’ sustainability, incomes’ generation, and profit making in each business unit, as well the avoidance of staff fluctuations and the provision of a competitive work environment.

Hasty changes can harm even the most profitable business. Each and every step forward has to be sustainable. We work to strengthen the business foundation with the managers of our clients.

It is almost impossible for a company to successfully cope with an increasing number of issues, irrespective of its position or the available resources.

The knowledge we have accumulated over time from numerous economic sectors is available to our clients. The accuracy of the reports provided to the management is essential for a meaningful risk assessment.

We certify the provided information by eliminating all obstacles caused by the lack of data or interpretation errors.

A complete business analysis can provide a good overview on the strengths, as well as on the weaknesses.

We provide our clients with high accuracy analyses in order to support the management decision-making process.

Any decision made by the company has an impact on the future activity. Our duty is to assist the decision-making process. We aim to provide suitable solutions for any special case, in accordance with all the rules applicable to the business environment.

We believe that any decision should be implemented over time, therefore we provide assistance in the development of the stages needed to achieve the desired result, and to avoid any incidents.